Privacy Policy


Intercede Ltd. provides a number of products and services for identity management purposes (collectively referred to as the “Services”).  By purchasing and/or using any of these Services, you agree to the terms of the following Privacy Policy.

Protection of your personal data is very important to us, and we follow reasonable industry standards to ensure the proper treatment of personal data in accordance with applicable data protection laws as amended from time to time. This Privacy Policy will explain to you how and for what purposes we collect, use, retain, disclose, and safeguard the information you provide to us.

Personal Data

Personal data refers to any data (whether by itself or when linked with other information in the possession of, or likely to come into our possession) that can be used to identify a specific living person.  Personal data does not include information that has been aggregated or made anonymous such that it can no longer be reasonably associated with a specific person.


This Policy applies to the RapID-SL app.  This Policy does NOT apply to any website, product or service of any third-party, even if the website links to (or from) our website.  We suggest that you review the privacy practices of any third-party who may be handling your personal data before deciding whether to provide personal information.  We are not responsible in any way for third-party sites or the collection or protection of your personal information on those sites.

App Users

As a user of the RapID-SL app, you remain in full control of your personal data.
The RapID cloud service itself receives no personally identifiable information during the credentialing process or at any other stage.  The request for a credential made on your behalf by the site that you are enrolling with also contains no personally identifiable information.  The credentials used by RapID-SL to authenticate have unique, anonymous identifiers that are not shared between different sites.

RapID-SL lets you optionally provide personal information that can be used when registering with a new account or site.  This data is stored locally on your phone.  This includes your name, email address and other information that you choose to provide.  You do not need to provide this information to use the app for authentication – it is purely used to auto-fill the WordPress registration form if you wish.

Before any such information is sent to a site for registration, you will be shown the information about to be shared, so that you can decide whether to proceed.


Site Administrators

As a site administrator, you need to provide your name, email address and some other information when you register with the RapID Credentialing Service.  This information and its use is described in the RapID Service Privacy policy and is used to administer your RapID service account.